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Movable murals

Whether you use them for outdoors, patio decor, the kitchen, bathroom or you change your mind about where to use it every year, this range of art can be exposed to the toughest conditions.  Created by painting screen ink on plastic sheeting these art works can be exposed to any weather conditions. Besides my personal testing over more than 5 years, these materials are used for billboards, so you know they are made to last.


To display: Attach them unframed to your wall, using a neat (chrome capped) screw in each corner. They can be framed, if it suits the area where you'd like to put it up.  Ask me for advice or referrals. 


To clean: On a garden/patio wall it is as simple as hosing them down as often as needed. Or use a wet cloth or sponge. For accumulated dirt, warm water and dishwashing detergent may be used. NO OTHER CHEMICALS OR ABBRASIVES, please.

Some of the works on this page are still available, notably the large panel titled "Blue Cranes and Quiver Trees", which depicts two of our most unique and precious South Africa flora and fauna.

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100 x 63 cm: Waterproof, outdoor, original art and decor for patio, bathroom and kitchen by South African artist