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I'm Elsa Stadler, South African fine artist, and I'd like to make the place where you live, work or relax a better, happier place to be...

I trained as a watercolourist while living in the USA with my family for 5 years, where I attended courses in various aspects of art at North-West University and the Art Institute of Chicago.

Over the years I have done a lot of work in watercolour, but lately (more or less 5 years ago) changed to working in acrylics, as well as some mixed media applications. After a lengthy break from art, during which i worked in the media industry, I am now pursuing a career in my new medium with passion and (dare I say?) PERSEVERANCE.

I strive for innovation, honest self-expression, constantly expanding my boundaries. I thank the universe for allowing me access to the creative energy this requires!

Colour and form have always been paramount in my work, which can be described as abstracted representation. However, a bit of story-telling/ commentary seems to be pushing its way up from a subconscious place in my mind. I am super excited about where this latest tendency might lead me in future...

Art with a difference.

In recognising “problem areas” that people have in and around the home,

I decided to apply my art as a solution.

The first challenge: children's rooms. Anyone who has a taste for art and style has very limited options to decorate their children's bedrooms, playrooms and classrooms with. The solution: Toktokki – a range of unique, fun, yet artistic paintings, made affordable for your home through digital reproduction.

Second challenge: garden walls, patios, kitchens and bathrooms. Art for these areas need to be able to withstand the atmospheric conditions, such as rain, steam, sunlight etc. The solution: artworks which are reminiscent of stained glass (when viewed against the light), but much more versatile in terms of where they can be displayed. They are also moveable, when you want a change, unlike stained glass. Take a look at this work on the Outdoor page.


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